No Family Unfed: What is it?

No Family Unfed is a project by The Amity Foundation dedicated specifically to those that are hungry, so they can be fed and and blessed, just like everyone else.

Our Mission

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and other holy days are days where families gather and share love, fun, and food. Some families, unfortunately, struggle to find joy for their lack one of these things, especially food. We have assembled a small group of in our community and established the No Family Unfed project in order to help those that aren’t so fortunate.

How We Do It

Every time we decide to help, we contact each other, gather up and split our tasks. We contact a few local restaurants and ask them to prepare a large amount of meals. We reach out to our community and ask them for help with delivery. We then gather info about who could benefit the most out of our service. After compiling a list, we begin the process of picking up the food and deliver it to the families.

How many have we helped?

Each year, during Ramadan or any other holy time, we try to help as many families as possible, we were blessed enough to be able to help over five thousand families within 3-5 years of our establishment. We are grateful to be able to do so, and hope to achieve even larger numbers as time goes on.

Can I help?

Of course, you can! Anyone can help whenever they would like, there are multiple ways in which you could help. One way you could help us is by donating to us, every penny helps. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you may reach us through our contact page, or simply email us at If you own a business or shop and you think you could offer us your services to help out, consider becoming a sponsor, you may do so by contacting us as well. It does not matter the way you help, anything you do to help us will always count, no matter how small.


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