The Amity Foundation

No Family Unfed: Ramadan 2020

As you know Ramadan is soon approaching. We know these are tough times for everyone, so we’re asking that you give only what you can. The No Family Unfed campaign is working hard to feed needy families this Holy Month. Our goal is to reach as many families in need as possible. Help us touch […]

Letter Drive: In Support of COVID-19 Patients

We are well aware of the spread of the coronavirus as well as the progressing amount of patients struck by it, with the loneliness that comes with the inability to contact anyone or touch them, COVID patients are truly left to battle it alone. We have decided to team up with Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn […]

No Family Unfed: What is it?

No Family Unfed is a project by The Amity Foundation dedicated specifically to those that are hungry, so they can be fed and and blessed, just like everyone else. Our Mission Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and other holy days are days where families gather and share love, fun, and food. Some families, unfortunately, struggle to find […]