The Amity Foundation

About Us

Dear Friends,
At The Amity Foundation, we promote the idea that everyone, regardless of race, color or creed, deserves a chance to have the basic necessities of life. We work to cultivate a whole community approach through the encouragement of helping one another in coordination of an absolute volunteer program.
The mission of the Amity Foundation is to develop the leadership of youth and young adults by engaging them in community service and empowering them to create change in their communities.
In the past year, with the help of over 200 volunteers we organized several relief and goodwill efforts that provided turkey’s to over 550 households on Thanksgiving, delivered over 750 coats to children at area schools, cooked roughly 740 dinners for families during Ramadan, had a back-pack drive that distributed school supplies to 900 students, and helped refugee get situated with essentials such as food, clothes and furniture.
The Amity Foundation welcomes anyone who would like to help and volunteer with these efforts.   If you are interested please contact the Amity Foundation at +1 (313) 207-0244.
Amad Elzayat